i have evicted the grumpy badger that was taking over my blog. it is a very grey, ceaseless rain kind of day, but i am doing pretty good. i had an interview this morning and was hired. so now i have 2 jobs. i like my work situation--i teach only evening classes so my mornings/afternoons are all mine. am debating whether or not i should go back to the boutique as well. i really don't know why scary m-san likes me so much. i am absolute crap at sales. inside i am thinking, "woman, do not spend $800 on this hideous sweater. you look like a carpet bag. people are starving. do something better w/your money."
but anyway, i'm finding its actually really liberating to be sans boyfriends. i feel like i've been out of touch w/myself for two years and now we have a lot of catching up to do. i have pictures to sketch, writing to do, and friends i can now spend time with. Amami and i are going to get our groove on this sat. it's been far, far too long since i've been dancing. her friend spins hip hop so we are going to check him out. yay, an excuse to wear my ghetto bling earrings and how-low-can-you-go hip huggers.


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