for anyone curious about what it's like to be an english conversation teacher--this a sample lesson from an average day

me: hi mr.s, how are you?
mr.s: terrible, i want to go home. this is our 2nd lesson, do you remember me?
me: of course, mr.s. (internally: yes, you're the weirdo who told me i had beautiful teeth)
mr.s: oh! i want to tell you!
me: yes?
mr.s:i saw you!
me: really? when?
mr.s: this morning!
me: really? where?
mr.s: in my dream!
me: erm...
mr.s: yes, yes, it was here, in the school. you made me drink orange juice, when really, i wanted milk.
me: oh? well that's, um...that's too bad?
mr. s: yes, yes it was. god, i am so tired.
me: shall we look at the text now?
mr.s: no, i'm too tired. i want to talk in japanese.
me: well now, that wouldn't really help you improve your english, would it?
mr.s: okay, let's talk about my dog.

and we spent the rest of the lesson talking about his ancient dog, who is deaf and blind but otherwise just grand. mr.s also demonstrated for me the gentle way he pets said dog when it's sleeping, so as not to give it a heart attack.
and i want to be very clear here that i adore mr.s and most of my lovely students. the more bizarre, the better.
and now it's time to go to work again after a nice 9-day holiday. i have a 100 degree fever, so this should only make things even more deliriously fun and funky.


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