who needs sleep, no you're never gonna get it
who needs sleep, tell me what's that for...

i seem to be turning into my father--working 6 days a week, coming home when most good little children are already in bed. today i finally have a day off, so am indulging my need to window-shop in shibuya. the new spring lines have arrived, and i have already fallen in love with several seeexxxy high heels. i hate that i am living up to the stereotype, but there is no getting around the fact that i turn to pudding when it comes to shoes, bags, and sparkly jewelry.
i mean, pink patent leather kitten heels w/satin ankle-ties are a necessity, yes? more important than paying my bills, surely.
speaking of shoes and other girlie-girl nonsense, in one of my lessons yesterday i got to help my student pick out a bouquet for her wedding. she had all these wedding magazines w/her, so we started flipping through them and drooling over all the dreamy dresses and cakes and flowers. she is going for a peaches-and-cream look, but if/when i have my own, i'm insisting on pink, pink, and yet more pink. bubblegum pink. cotton candy pink. peony pink. a barefoot-on-the-beach affair, nothing fancy i think.


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