blogging from work...i thought i'd do a quick, stealthy note and say i haven't disappeared entirely.
spring is slowly nudging winter out of the way and the plum trees around my neighborhood are blooming, their pink blossoms shivering in the still icy wind.
i adore spring; i am looking forward to putting away my cashmere coat in exchange for my white trenchcoat, and replacing my fuzzy scarf for a lighter, pastel one.
but spring is also the season of 'fay fever' (as hay fever is called here), and the public will soon morph into a red-eyed, sniffling mass of people, all wearing white masks which supposedly help block out the pollen. frankly it's a little frightening.
tomorrow i am having dinner w/Mo and S, who i haven't seen in ages. we are trying a new vietnamese restaurant. i love Mo because she always gives me free stationary or calendars (her sister is a graphic designer) -- she says she is bringing me a cat-themed calandar tomorrow.
meanwhile little A is not speaking to me. she is miffed because i had the audacity to speak to our dance teacher without her there to chaperone. the nerve of me! i think a little jealousy will do her good--maybe she'll be inspired to act on her feelings instead of passively pining away.
the temptation to play matchmaker is very great, but i am trying to behave myself. though the last time i did the cupid thing, i was quite successful. noripi had taken a fancy to J, but J was adamant that he could never see her as anything other than his co-worker. but i cast my little spell and now they are a nauseatingly lovey-dovey duo. they have taken to consulting with me about their intimate details -- i am flattered they value my opinion, but really do i have to be involved in choosing what undergarments they should purchase to turn each other on? honestly.


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