after a morning of power yoga with crazy yuji-sensei i am feeling quite good today.
my chakras (whatever they are) are all aligned and my inner something or other is at peace.
but actually i have something tangible to celebrate today -- i got a new job!
a real one! with a real salary! with a normal schedule!
no more teaching english (not that i don't like it, but enough is enough).
i applied for the position over a week ago but i was keeping mum because it's best not to jinx these things.
i am most excited about telling my mother so she can stop worrying already.
i'll be working in trendy ebisu, which will be very detrimental to Operation Save Money;
there are far too many cute cafes and select shops.
but i think this means i can afford to visit home this year (finally).
shall i come home in august when it's sweltery, or wait for the winter holidays...?


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