I realize I have been MIA for a good few weeks, but this really couldn't be helped.
My new job has taken over my life (in a good way) and weekends seem to fly by with no time for repose.
I am in LOVE with my work -- it couldn't be more perfect for me.
I get to do creative writing, graphic design, and learn more html all at the same time.
Plus I get to work with a lovely antipodean team who introduce me to the yummylicious cafes
and restaurants in this gorgeous neighborhood,
and who drag me to karaoke and force me to sing.
And let's not forget the dress code (or lack thereof).
I'm in jeans today (accessorized with sexy heels, of course), and a pink ballet sweater.
I am tempted to burn my black suit in celebration, but that might be tempting fate.
I've never worked in an 'office' before; it's quite exciting to be surrounded by all these busy people.
Our team (Academic Development) is sandwiched between the cool Marketing girls
and the chatty phone operaters.
Anyway I think I've been sitting at this PC too long, and it's SMAP night so I really should get home already.


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