it's a lovely sandals and sundress sort of saturday afternoon.
am trying to stick to my healthy regime and have just finished my workout at the gym.
i am in danger of getting addicted to the sauna.
i am wondering how to fill the two or three hours left of the evening before i'm due at
june's farewell party.
i'm supposed to do a blog about what i thought about Lost in Translation, but i'm more in the mood to do a list. i love making lists. so....

In The Month of May i am:

completely caught up in: the women's volleyball finals
worshipping and adoring: Kana Oyama
being admired for: my ability to write truly terrible tongue twisters
eating: mum's home-cooking (how i've missed it!)
reading: The Accidental Tourist
wanting to see: The Ladykillers (only because Ryan is in it)
spending lunchtime at: Lloyds Cafe (excellent people-watching venue)
having fun: gossiping w/co-worker S (who doesn't get shocked when i talk naughty)
getting tired of: karaoke (how many times can you listen to someone's warbled version of "I did it myyyy wayyyyy..." before it gets old?)
missing: woods and birds and green things
still in love with: you


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