One hour until leaving time and then a blissful 5-day holiday awaits.
Have given up trying to convince myself I fancy the boy on the other side of the office.
My heart is refusing to budge on the matter, so I'm just going to let the useless thing be.
Why it prefers to be unappreciated and broken I have no idea, but it is stubborn like me, and won't come back from where it insists on lingering.
So I will concentrate on my lovely career and go to karaoke tonight w/the academic development posse and fill my days with culture and fashion and distraction and maybe then it will all go away.
but then again it still makes me happy sometimes.
I know better, but as my co-worker, S, says -- I'm the "girl with the butterflies" and even when common sense says otherwise I can't help but think everything will come up roses.