i love presents

I shall try and write about my loverly birthday weekend before my ever-deteriorating memory fades completely. I experienced most of it through a fuzzy haze of fever, but I distinctly recall laughing a lot and a general sense of contentment. A vast improvement, definitely, from last year when I found myself sitting at a restaurant I didn't like with 7 people - only one of whom I would consider a friend (that would be you, Lo).
Friday night as I was trying to sneak out of the office unobserved, my path was barred by the HR manager and I was subjected to the dreaded office clapping ritual where everyone stands up and claps for you and you're given a card signed by everyone and you have to give a little speech. Then I got a lovely bag o'goodies from my teammates, which was very sweet.
Saturday I met my girls at the station and the 5 of us in our summer sundresses had lunch at Gotham Café (no Batman connection - sorry Sara) and we gorged ourselves on various Italian fare and honeydew melon cake. They were very good to me and I was heaped w/yet more presents. I am particularly keen on the sandals from Eri - now all I have to buy is a yukata and I'll be set for the summer festivals.
Sunday I finally caved in and bought a real phone for my home, and then off to grandma's house I went, where she had prepared an amazing sushi feast for me.
I am a bit overwhelmed still from all the love I received, just for turning another year older. Do I deserve all this?


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