nothing much

It may be the humidity, but I am particularly cranky today.
Since I am missing yoga tonight, I shall have to use this as my means of stress-relief.
At lunch I made the mistake of choosing a restaurant solely on the basis of how fabulously trendy the interior design was -- and of course suffered for it. A truly horrible pizza toast concoction with a half-hearted attempt at a salad.
But the cranberry/mango smoothie was quite delish, if incredibly overpriced.
So now I am inspired to purchase a juicer so I can make my own fruitiful drinks for breakfast every morning. Much healthier than coffee.
This past weekend was lovely (though sweltery).
Mum and I ventured out to Kamakura to see the 2672 hydrangea bushes (some poor sod counted all of them) of Meigetsuin Temple. They bloom through June and are quite a sight to see.
I think, afterall, that there is nothing really to complain about. I'm going to go home and revel in my newly revamped gorgeous little room and indulge in some aloe yogurt.


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