summer afternoon

in the middle of the day, in the middle of my 3-day weekend, i am sitting in the blissfully air-conditioned lobby of my gym.
glancing every now and then over my shoulder at the house dance class in session in studio A.  watching my sometimes friend sometimes foe A do her thing.
i miss dancing.
the dance teacher just waved a backwards peace sign at me.
i wonder if he knows he just gave me the brit equivalent of the middle finger.
what shall i do w/the rest of my weekend?
yesterday i let the call of the summer sales lure me in (more dangly earrings purchased), and tonight i may or not meet les girls for a "yukata party" at Gotham cafe. i am supposed to be saving for my plane ticket home, but i tend to cave in in the face of temptation. and now to brave the oppressive heat...


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