starting into my 5th month here, i am realizing what a creature of habit i have become. i love routine, i love my little daily rituals. does this make me boring, i wonder. perhaps i should be more unpredictable. as in, watch out for that girl, you never know what she might do... but really, who cares except me? i wonder about other people's habits.

in any event, here are some of mine:

Monday - Friday
1. drink soy milk/yogurt/pineapple juice concoction (it's good for dieting and does wonders for your skin)
2. go to bakery in front of train station and purchase cranberry muffin and olive&parmesan roll
3. get to work and check email, headlines, horoscopes, and tony's blog (in that order)
1. go up to the roof to look at the sunset
1. buy flowers on way home (usually on Mondays)
2. yoga (Tuesdays)
3. read by the light of my little tiffany lamp

1. make coffee in my jack russel terrier mug
2. go to gym
3. go shopping in shibuya and get dangly earrings and/or underwear from peach john

there are more, of course, but i wouldn't want you all to see just how weird (boring?) i really am.


dg5528 said...

This internet thing is crazy I was looking for tiffany desk lamp and your blog came up in my search results. So even though it's not exactly what I was looking for your blog is still very cool.

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