a friday night in the office

coming down w/some sort of icky illness, but determined nonetheless to go out for drinks.
butterflies / nausea at the thought that in 48 hours i shall be somewhere over the pacific, homeward bound.
after being away for 3 years i am looking forward to the culture shock that awaits.

things i am looking forward to most:
1. the giant grocery stores w/an entire aisle of cereal
2. baking blueberry muffins
3. wide streets
4. sitting on a couch (not the floor)
5. waiters i can talk to
6. not having to look immaculate all the time
7. riding in a car (not being squished in a train)
8. shopping
9. shopping
10. and shopping

but of course the best parts will be seeing my dear papa and various relatives, and seeing my beloved blue southern california sky again. and hopefully no hurricanes will plague us while i'm in soggy florida.


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