Men Part V: The Classics

my very first celebrity crush was fred astaire.
i was nine. i named my goldfish after him.
maybe people look more magical when they're in black and white, but the men of the silver screen had an aura and allure that just doesn't exist anymore.
i'm not one to moan about how downhill things have come since those "glory days of yore", but i do find that a different vocabulary is needed to describe these leading men.
while "hottie" would suffice for a matt damon or an orlando bloom, the word just wouldn't work for cary grant. for him you need words like "charming" "refined" "glib" and perhaps "jaunty".
and for the fantastic william powell (i would play the nora to his nick anyday) you'd need to resurrect "debonair" "dapper" and "slick".


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