Men Part IV: Fictional Boys of the 80's

of the 80's, mind you, not in their 80's.

there are many cute ones to choose from.
many would vote for Say Anything's lloyd dobler, he of that classic holding-a-boombox-under-his-girlfriend's-window scene.

and i'll always have a weakness for jake of 16 Candles, because he rolls up the cuffs of his jeans and because that part where samantha sees him waiting for her in front of the church is my absolute favorite moment on film ever.

but if i had to pick just one to take me to the prom (an event, thank god, which i'll never have to relive), my date would be duckie of Pretty in Pink. because duckie is gold and unlike andie i would have the sense to not to ditch him for a wet blanket like "blaine".


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