Is She Weird

my personal theme song circa 1995: Is She Weird by the Pixies

is she weird, is she white
is she promised to the night
and her head has no room

i'm not sure i know what these lyrics mean anymore, but they certainly struck a cord with the 17 year old me.
for a high school project, my best friends and i made a video called "A Day in the Life of Liz, Kat, Lo". it mainly consisted of the three of us cavorting around various locales in santa monica. getting iced mocha lattes at our favorite coffee house, running along the beach, having a picnic on the roof of a clocktower on 3rd St. Promenade...
but towards the end of the video, we each had a short music video segment.
mine was of me sitting on the grass waving peacock feathers around, with the song "Peekaboo" playing in the background. Kat's segment was very dark and involved knives and fire set to a creepy Tom Waits tune. But Lo's was my favorite -- her music was this Pixies song, and her setting was a huge bathtub filled with purple foam. she was sitting in the tub, foam piled high on her head, and blowing bubbles at the camera.
so yes, she was weird. i think we all were. in the best possible way.


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