one more list and then no more, really...

I couldn't resist doing this "Friday Love List" from Meg's blog, so here it is:

Song you love: Save Me - Dave Matthews
Food you love: Mon Cheri liqueur-filled chocolates
Thing you love to look at: beautiful illustrations and photos
Sound you love: ホ~ホケキョッ (bird call of the Japanese nightingale)
Thing you love to laugh at: intelligent, slightly twisted comedy, a la Arrested Development
Gadget you love: i would be lost without my digital camera (but i want a fancier model)
Person you love: everyone
Software you love: all the Adobe programs, especially Illustrator
Word you love: apple
Thing you love on the internet: flickr
Place you love to go on vacation: Tuscany + Okinawa
Sensation you love: drinking hot coffee on a cold, sleepy morning
Animal you love: all of them, but cats in particular
Book you love: The Narnia Chronicles
Emotion you love: relief
Occasion you love: Cherry blossom-season picnic
Quality you love in people: generosity
Thing you most love to shop for: Japanese paper goods (postcards, notebooks, stickers, gift bags, etc.)

And finally…
What you love about today: I found gorgeous wrapping paper and cute supplies to make xmas cards with


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