Day 4: Oh, Champs Elysees...

It will be next year by the time I finish this travelogue, but I shall attempt to press on:

Our last day in Paris was perhaps the greyest and coldest yet.
The first stop on the agenda: Laduree on Champs Elysees, because I was not leaving Paris without trying a macaron.

They were stickier than I'd imagined. And while lovely, not quite as divine as I'd been led to believe.

The famous boulevard seemed changed from what I remembered (it had been 20 years after all). A bit too posh. A bit too crowded. But it was cold and (did I mention) grey, so my judgment might've been clouded.

Yes, well, moving on.

By the time we got back to our arrondisment we were famished.
The restaurant choices were endless.

But some of us couldn't resist the savory aroma of Greek street food, and went ahead and ruined our appetite for dinner.

So we wandered the Latin Quarter as dusk fell and the shop lights glowed warmly.

And it was nice to end the day with more color than it began with.


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Your photos are wonderful!

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