Getting Ready

New shoes! I can't tell you how long I've been pining after a pair of square-toed ballet flats. I never imagined I'd find them made by Jessica Simpson of all people, but the buttery soft leather and perfectly snug fit assuaged any misgivings I held about celebrity-endorsed fashion.

And this is my "airplane bag". Big, slouchy, holds anything and everything, including camera, scarf, planner, Jon Katz and Meg Cabot paperbacks, guide book, snacky foods, etc.
Resting on top is my new shimmery pink camera case, special-ordered from Japan and delivered via fun care package by the wonderful Miho. I could not bear the thought of the boring black leather case offered on Amazon as the only option to house my new Canon Powershot, and so I turned to Rakuten (a kind of Japanese version of Ebay) where I knew my needs for a cute/fashionable case could be met.

One more day and then it's off to NYC! My lists are compiled, my suitcase packed, my liquid and gel cosmetics purchased in regulation-sized containers... I do love being organized.
Probably all this isn't really necessary -- unlike most of my trips I won't be leaving the country (I won't even be leaving this time zone). But I'll use any excuse to act like I am venturing on a perilous expedition into the unknown (a perilous expedition that requires tiny bottles of toner + moisturizer).
In any case, I promise heaps of photos upon my return.


Stephanie Perkins said...

Is that one of her Mediator books in your bag? (I LOVE that series. Sigh -- Jesse!)

Cuuuute shoes! Can't say I'm a Jessica fan either, but I can't deny she's got style.

And a pink camera case! Genius! Pink makes everything better.

LILIE said...

Yes, it is! It's the first one in the series. I've never read any Meg Cabot before so I think I'm in for a treat!

Pink is definitely my happy colour :)

Jamie said...

what are you doing in NYC? I was just there two weekends ago.

LILIE said...

hey jamie,

i was just in nyc for a few days doing touristy things with a friend who was visiting from tokyo. i'll be putting up pics from the trip soon.

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