For the past I don't know how many years, I've been somewhat sleep-challenged. Not an insomniac, exactly; once I am asleep I can stay that way for 10 or more hours. It's the falling part -- my brain is often reluctant to succumb to slumber.
This used to be because I lived in earthquake country and the frequent night tremblors would keep me on edge. I would often Skype my musician boyfriend of the time and let the sound of him practicing the cello lull me into sleep.
I no longer go to bed with the fear of the ground suddenly falling out below me, but the restlessness is still there. So I have been trying various aural assistants. Nature sounds of rain, thunderstorms and calling loons are particularly effective.
This week I've rediscovered the unutterably lovely music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It is music worth staying awake for and appreciating properly, but the soothing repetition and deep reverberating voices are like warm arms cradling my tired mind. Their singing is sweetness and calm and a knowing that everything is just fine. I hope peace of mind doesn't elude me forever, but in the meantime...


Stephanie Perkins said...

Hi! I saw you've been to my blog and, being the curious type, I had to follow the link back. And holy applesauce Batman, it's so beautiful here!

So top three things I'm loving right now:

A) That cat (yours?) looks just like my Mr. Tumnus.

B) Chaiyya Chaiyya -- YES! One of my favorite songs!

C) Your strawberry ice necklace? I think I have to have it. Like really, truly, seriously have to have it.


-- Steph

LILIE said...

Hi Steph!

Wow, thank you for the awesome comment :)
The kitty belongs to a neighbor, but likes to come by and make herself at home. Mr.Tumnus is a most excellent name; I have a good friend who named his Dalmation "Lucy" (as in, Lucy Pevensie).
The necklace is on its way! Thanks for giving it a good home :)


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