Californian Holiday {Part One}

Maybe I am biased, but I think my cousins' sunny home in SoCal is one of the nicest places you could possibly ever be.
Each room is a celebration of color and design and the beauty found in small details. Every corner has a visual treat, whether it be a pyramid of vintage cans, a collection of old cameras, a Tiffany lamp glowing softly atop a wooden table crafted by our grandfather in his youth...

The aqua blue kitchen is the heart of the house.

There are always delicious things cooking -- pull up a stool and watch as pears are simmered, French toast is dipped in creamy, cinnamony batter, savory paninis with olives and pesto are grilled, and generous slices of rum cake are topped with great dollops of freshly whipped cream...

The backyard is the domain of a friendly rabbit and a hibernating tortoise, and mysterious faces emerge from behind thriving plants.

The tiling of the master bath is inspired by the bathroom of the house I grew up in -- an old California house full of family memories, which alas is no longer ours -- but this version is a work of art in its own right.

If your creative juices don't get flowing in this airy, quiet, sun-filled art studio, then I fear there is no hope for you.

Art deco elegance. A room to dream in.

Don't you want to curl up for a long, dishy chat?

The library is ideal for reading late into the night, with spooky old portraits gazing down at you while the moon peeks in through the window.

In addition to all the good eating it hosts, the dining area doubles as a game table where fierce competitions of Scrabble and Shanghai are waged. Sassy cocktails are often on hand to lend inspiration.

What I couldn't quite capture on film is that warm sense of home-ness that wraps you like a down comforter when you step through the door. The very walls seem to smile at you, invite you in and take care of you.
I hope you all have a place that makes you feel like that.


{michelle} said...

Love the color of the master bath, very serene, peaceful.

Steffi said...

Wow, lovely, dreamy, beautiful!

Beautiful photography and words, too!

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