I went to California...

... and came back with an obsession with crate labels. This first one might be my favourite -- it's simple but looks amazing against my wall.

The genie is pretty fabulous, although he is certainly holding those oranges at an unnatural and awkward angle. But the landscape looks just like what I drove through on my way up to Northern CA.

The McCurdy pears were my first purchase and responsible for starting me on this label-buying binge. Isn't there something so perfect and satisfying about the typeface and colours? At the time they were made, these were just, you know, advertising labels, and yet there is so much beauty and attention to detail. I can't quite put my finger on exactly why I love these so much, but maybe there is a nostalgia for a golden era I never experienced mixed in there.

Stay tuned for a massive photologue of my trip to California coming soon.
Part One: *Orange County*


kiddlebug said...

Nice labels! (and nice header!) Well done.

{michelle} said...

Love the new blog header!

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