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Michelle was sweet enough to tag me for a *7 Things You Don't Know About Me* meme a little while ago, so I'm finally going to attempt it. It's actually harder than it sounds, because how do I know what you don't know about me? What haven't I already blathered on about in these past 8 years of blogging?
Some of these won't be news to those who know me in "real" life, but anyway let's get on with it -- these are the first seven things that popped in my head.

1. I spent my early childhood in what was then West Germany. I got to travel all over Europe; I climbed both the Eiffel and Leaning towers, went sledding in a pre-war-ravaged Sarajevo, got sunburned on the beaches of Spain, and hunted for edelweiss in the Swiss Alps all before the age of 8. It was only going to go downhill after that...

Retro Vintage Touchtone from Oh-So-Retro

2. I have a telephone phobia. I DO NOT like talking on the phone, for no reason that I can fathom. Fear grips my heart at the sound of it ringing, and my fingers tremble when I am forced to dial a number. Perhaps therapy is called for. I could start with those plastic toy phones babies play with, work my way up to tin cans attached with rope, and then someday I too can join the masses with a Star Trek-esque cellphone wired to my ear, waving my arms about while I talk to the voices in my head. Someday.

3. I didn't have a date for my high school prom, but I looked fabulous :)

4. I LOVE World Cup football. No really, I LOOOOVE it. Like, on an almost spiritual level. I always root for England. I still get shivers remembering Becks score that goal against Argentina in the 2002 games -- probably the most satisfying moment in sports I've ever witnessed.

Revamp by Jim Stephenson

5. Speaking of rooting for England, I am an absolute Anglophile. I love English words and expressions and prefer their spelling too. I always ordered my Harry Potter books from the U.K. amazon because I was appalled at the thought of reading them in Americanized English. I love Sophie Kinsella and Sugababes and Sunday roasts and Midsomer Murders. And yet, I've still never been to England.

just me and my TV by georgia.g

6. I don't watch television. I only ever turn the TV on for special events like presidential elections, the Olympics, or the aforementioned World Cup tournament.

7. I was a cheerleader in high school. If you know me, you know I'm not a rah-rah kind of gal. Most of us weren't -- we paired our uniforms with clunky combat boots more often than not. We were in it for the flying. There is no more amazing sensation than being tossed straight up into the sky by burly men who want to prove their manliness by how close to the sun they can get you (even better if they catch you on the way down). I've never been more fit or more bruised and battered than the time I spent on Comp Squad. It's been more years since then than I care to admit, but I can still recite most of those incredibly embarassing cheers:


Anonymous said...

Your childhood sounds just FANTASTIC, from the eidelwiess picking to the cheerleading.
I lived in Germany for a few months while my Dad was based there with the RAF. I don't remember it, but we all still have a soft spot for German food, especially at Christmas. Mmmm, lebkuchen... :D

High Desert Diva said...

I'm still in awe at how long you've been blogging...

Great list and I loooooove the photos!

knitsational said...

These are fabulous! you are such an interesting person. Great blog, btw.

Beth said...

You have blogged for 8 years? I am so impressed!

gertru said...

hehe,I'm from Argentina do you remenber the goal of 1986?
great blog!;)

{michelle} said...

Fantastic, glad you did it! It is hard to think of 7 things isn't it! Yours were great!

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