Looking Ahead

My mission for this new year:
Dream Bigger.

I witnessed and experienced firsthand this past year how dreams can become reality. But what I found was that a dream coming true is not the end -- "they lived happily ever after" is a good way to finish off a bedtime story, but in reality you have to keep writing the script.
What comes next? What do you want after that? What more?

You have to take your dreams beyond what you think is merely plausible or (my least favorite word) "realistic".
A three year old would have no qualms about asking for the moon on a stick, but when we get older we learn to quantify and justify and take into account and end up squeezing what we really want into a smaller, more socially acceptable, watered down version of itself.

I want my cake and I want to eat it too.


sina said...

i saw your comment on decor8 and out of curiosity decided to come by your blog. This post kinda "spoke" to me. Loving the idea of dreaming bigger and having you cake and eating it too :)

Have added your blog to blogs i'm following!

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