All aboard?

+ sunglasses from Forever 21
+ Blair Preppy Cardigan from dELiAs
+ Charisma blouse from Anthropologie
+ jeans from American Eagle
+ water bottle from SIGG
+ Swiss Army rucksack from Fatigues Army Navy
+ Illumination sandals from Anthropologie

I was recently having an email conversation with a good friend about travel destinations, and the notion of train travel came up. We both seem to think that for a cross-country railway journey, all you really require are some comfy clothes, a small backpack, and several cameras.
Half the fun of planning a trip is selecting one's travel wardrobe, and as I was daydreaming about a route that would take me from the East coast to California in the slowest and prettiest way possible, naturally my thoughts turned to what I would wear.
I think the Polaroid makes the outfit, don't you?


hiroquita said...

I'm also daydreaming about my wardrobe everyday.
I'm sure to bring my Polaroid, of course!

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