Lace + Blue Roses

the first pieces in my new Spring collection

I have been lost in the world of my imagination this week. A magical ship bearing treasures untold docked in my harbour, and now my days are spent coaxing dazzling gems and golden metal into new and pleasing forms.
In prose: a fresh supply of jewelry-making goodies arrived from overseas, and the inspiration for new pieces doth floweth (okay, that last part was poetry again).
Also, this past week I've had an overwhelming response to my shop over at 1000 Markets and had so many new orders that I temporarily ran out of packing supplies. A happy state of affairs.
And next week heralds an exciting development I've been anticipating for months (which I will share very soon), so altogether February has me in a whirl.


{michelle} said...

That ring is so funky, love the mixing of sizes, colors, and textures.

Have a great weekend!

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