Good Things Come in Mint Green

1. Because you can't have nightmares on an empty stomach..., 2. dream a little dream of me.,
3. Peruvian opals, 4. 76.adam_hayes

We have skipped right over Spring and jumped headlong into Summer here, and my thoughts turn towards anything that offers cool refreshment. One can't exactly spend all day eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, so with my ceiling fan on high and a cold glass of Pellegrino beside me, I went in search of the visual equivalent.

* Mint ice cream is as nice to look at as it is to taste.
* I have a major schoolgirl crush on the Diana+ camera. That thing is adorable.
* Peruvian blue opals are my current favorite gemstone. Cannot get enough of that milky smooth polish and dreamy colour. (This particular necklace is going in my 3rd collection for Daphne.)
* A lovely sentiment expressed in simple but appealing design. I know exactly which day I'd have to live over again if I could. Do you?


Jujube said...

Lovely combination!
I enojy the mint ice-cream!

Rebekka said...

I love that camera! Mint green is my FAVORITE color. I have a pistachio Kitchenaide.

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