Love List, Monday Edition

Pink Lemonade by blary54

A love list has heretofore been a Friday tradition, but upon reflection, it feels like Monday is just as good a day as any other to give thanks to the universe for all the lovable stuff floating around.
This version is courtesy of Meg, the Queen of Lists.


1. Song you love: Currently totally in love with both the remake and original version of Just Can't Get Enough -- makes me jump-on-the-bed-and-dance-like-a-looney kind of happy.

2. Book you love: I have a large stack of Mary Stewart novels piled on my nightstand right now; they are wonderfully retro (written in the 60's) and feature gorgeous, exotic locations described in vivid detail. They don't quite fulfill my wanderlust, but they'll do until my next travel opportunity materializes.

3. Type of cuisine you love: All of them. But I'll say Japanese since it's been a year since I was in Tokyo and I haven't had a good yakitori fix since then.

4. Beverage you love: Sparkling pink lemonade.

5. Cookie you love: One that's fresh out of the oven.

6. Ice cream flavour you love: This week it's Coffee.

7. Place you love to go: my favorite jewelry supply shop in Kichijoji. I like to make an outing of it; a lovely train ride there, have lunch at one of the myriad little unique restaurants, then hours in the shop picking out gemstones and beads.

8. Thing you love to drive: I've always wanted to try a Vespa.

9. Place you love to live: the south of France would be Nice (oh, I kill me).

10. Movie you love: Priceless. Um, can I be Audrey Tautou in my next life, please?

11. Time in your life you loved: When I first moved to Japan and everything was new and sparkly and every weekend an adventure.

12. Person you love: Abe.

13. Cute picture of a baby animal you love (provide link): By definition all baby animals are cute, but you can never go wrong with kittens

14. Item of clothing you love most (that you own): My new summer dress in perfect soft, airy cotton (see previous post).

15. Way of relaxing you love best: hanging out at a yummy cafe with my Tokyo girls, just sharing food and chatting and taking pictures.


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