Summer Wardrobe

Summer has arrived, and though I usually dread the harbinger of muggy, fry-pan-hot days and sweltery mosquito nights, I figured there must be something about summer I can celebrate.
So I've concocted a fashionable ode to ice cold drinks, feather-light cotton, slide-on sandals, and bright, bright colors.
This is what I'll be wearing 'til September (though maybe not so much the $4,200 earrings).

photo by Ewan-M

* Earrings by Miguel Ases
* Peach Tank from Pacific Sunwear
* Striped Shorts from American Eagle
* Treasure Trove Bag from Anthropologie
* Organdy fleur capri sandals from J. Crew

photo by Guccia

* Vintage sunglasses by Dior
* Earrings by Darlene de Sedle
* La Piedra Sundress from Hollister
* Slim Flip Flops from Havaianas
* Bracelet by Tai


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