Musical Interlude Tuesday : Glee

The songs from Glee have been dominating my playlists for the past few months, and the mid-season finale brought three more tracks of aural bliss into my life and headphones. It was an utterly satisfying episode and it just makes me sad to think of anyone not watching the show and denying themselves of this pure, unadulterated JOY.
Rachel's rendition of Rain on My Parade is shiver-inducing-ly pitch perfect, and their interpretation of the Stone's classic is awesome, especially because it has long been a personal theme-song of mine. But my favorite has to be the closing number because of sheer exuberance + the fun of spotting the dance moves they revisit from previous episodes. Also: KISSING!


Steffi said...

I would so love to be able to watch "Glee"! Grrr....


Jamie said...

I love this show! What to do until its back on?

lily green said...

Steffi, I wish you could too! but the music is really the best part, and I'm sure you could listen to the soundtrack on iTunes or something.

Jamie, I know! I was wondering what on earth I'd do to fill the gaping hole until April, and then I decided it was a good excuse to get back into reading. Have found some great YA books!

Steffi said...

I'll go and look for the soundtrack. Thanks for the tip!

Will you share your great YA books with us?

Happy holidays! ♥

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