Love List Friday: 05.21.10

I won't lie, May hasn't been the most lovable month so far.  But Mercury is direct again and it looks like June is going to be a whole gong show of its own, so now is probably a good time to sit up and pay attention to all the little things that are smile-worthy and elevate each day from grim to bearable.

This week's love goes to:
  •  sudden bursts of inspiration that keep me up 'til dawn making one necklace after another because I just can't stop and the beads they are so pretty and oh my gosh I want to hoard them all for myself.
  • dark chocolate brownies baked with a swirl of cream cheese inside.
  • a Kitty who sticks her face in my narrow drinking glass to lick the water at the bottom (I don't know why she does this -- she has her own water bowl -- but oh is it funny).
  • FIFA World Cup anticipation! Less than one month to go and my stomach is already in knots. Gutted that my favorites Becks and Ballack are both out due to injuries, but it will still be awesome and I will still cheer myself hoarse for England.
  • a flurry of tweets converging into plans for a mini-reunion
  •  Damon Salvatore: out of all the 'hot' vampires out there (and good grief, you can't swing a cat without hitting one these days [not that I would ever, ever swing a cat -- what a horrible expression]) he is by far my favorite. Ian Somerhalder gives good smolder, but really it's Damon's humour and evil/adorable smirk that get me all a-flutter. Best moment on The Vampire Diaries:
Caroline: Why don't you sparkle?
Damon: Because I live in the real world, where vampires burn in the sun.
*and speaking of sparkling, this made me laugh for a good minute.


missrantsypants said...

beautiful images. :]

Stephanie said...

Love the sea glass in that picture.

My cat loves "exciting" water too.. boring old water from a bowl just doesn't do it for her

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