Love List Friday: 05.28.10

      The oh-my-it's-summer-already edition of the weekly love roundup:
  • blueberry smoothies -- the promise of this deliciousness is what gets me out of bed these days. 1 banana + handful of organic frozen blueberries + 2 large dollops of Stonyfield plain yogurt + a splash of orange juice = breakfast WIN
  • only 1 more week until I'm flying to my dear old alma mater in upstate NY and reuniting with my college housemates.
  • getting back into a morning yoga routine. SO GOOD. especially fun because Kitty likes to join me on the mat, swirling around me and rubbing her head against me vigorously whenever I'm in a particularly hard-to-balance position.
  • hilarious videos of my favorite Japanese comedy duo (I would be interested to know whether the humour translates, or if it leaves you nonplussed).
  • the LOST finale. *sniff* It was all that it needed to be -- for me anyway. Kind of beautiful and epic and lingering...


Steffi said...

Heehee, I loved the Japanese comedy! Your smoothie sounds delicious! My cat usually joins me for yoga, too. She typically comes when I'm doing the relaxation and starts sniffing at me and meowing :)

Have a wonderful time in NY!

Georgianna said...

Love, love these colors! Hope your weekend is fabulous!

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