Love List Friday: 06.04.10

my roommate, indulging me in one of my many photoshoots around campus, circa 1996

This week's love list is a special edition in honor of the college reunion I'm flying off to attend this weekend in charming Saratoga Springs, NY.
I've reminisced before about my time up there, so today the love is about those small details that have stayed vivid in my memory, all these years later.
  • walking the long, moonlit path from the theatre building to my dorm room after a late night painting sets
  • losing myself in a still life drawing, surrounded by a small forest of studio easels, the tinny music from multiple earphones combining into a peaceful static hum
  • a perfectly toasted cinnamon bagel oozing with cream cheese, illicitly smuggled from the dining hall and then consumed en route to class
  • recording ridiculous answering machine messages with my roommates that involved mention of radioactive Koo-laid with theme music from the X-files playing in the background
  • sitting in my windowseat with a cup of cocoa, brainstorming ideas for a new story, finally finding the plot somewhere around three in the morning
  • listening to this Chemical Brothers song a hundred times in one day as I attempted to choreograph a solo modern dance piece
  • gathering in the common room with classmates to read Shakespeare aloud (the best way to read him, really)
  • theatre parties involving a little too much drinking and just enough truth-or-dare...
  • draping my first dorm room bed with bright pink faux-fur and hanging yellow and purple daisies from the bunk above (sad how tame my interior design tastes have become in my old age)
  • the anticipation of walking into my favorite classes (creative writing, drawing, graphic design) -- that feeling of wonder, of filling up my mind and fingers with juicy knowledge and inspiration, that feeling of potential and creativity just waiting to happen...
Will return next week with some new memories and photos to share!

Christmas 1999, in our shared on-campus house


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love the love list today! (hmm, I wonder why?)

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