L'Atelier Lundi: July 12,2010

This week the creative endeavors I'm sharing are not jewelry, but my other true love: photography.
These shots were all taken with the instax mini, which produces tiny polaroid-esque instant photos. It is a tricky, tricky beast so far. Lighting is a b*tch (cannot tell you how many shots have come out pitch-black) and there is no telling if anything will be in focus or not.

But that is kind of the fun really -- the not knowing how it will turn out. Relinquishing control, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

The impatience while the picture develops from milky white and slowly the colors seep through.

It's a surprise every time.


Steffi said...

Love the pics! And I think I'll put the instax on my wish list :)

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