Musique Mardi: くじら12号

The summer I turned 19, I was obsessed with all things j-pop. My days were spent poring over magazines from the Japanese market and dreaming of Harajuku shopping excursions, watching videos of Long Vacation (if you haven't seen it, follow the link -- I promise you'll be hooked {it has English subtitles}), and listening to my Judy and Mary cd over and over (and over) again.
くじら12号 (Whale no.12) is my favorite track off the album because of the imagery of the lyrics -- it's like listening to a punk bedtime story.
A few of the best (nonsensical) lines:

With imitation diamonds
I want a love affair made up of lies
My lover will be kidnapped
Let's rescue him from the monster's castle

The golden-colored travellers are waiting
Let's hurry into the fairytale

Once the sun wakes up
Let's take that boat
Cuddling, swimming through the melting snow like whales
At the end of the sky that no one yet knows
Is probably a blindingly bright glass door

I want to feel the spine-tingling kick of a dolphin

*Coming later this week: a post about summertime in Japan!


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