L'Atelier Lundi: July 5,2010

L'Atelier Lundi (so named because en français it has a more alliterative ring than "In the Studio Monday") is hopefully going to be a new weekly feature to share what I am currently working on.
Since summer began I have been enamored of making necklaces using hemp cord or silk thread in place of metal chain.  I first started using the thread in one color, but have since branched out to braids in complimentary hues.

In addition to the standard three-strand braid, I've fallen hard for the look of the nautical "rope-braid". Done in hemp, it is sturdy and cool to the touch, and makes me feel like I'm just one boat-neck, striped sweater away from being aboard some Mediterranean millionaire's yacht.

And lastly, beads strung and knotted directly on colorful thread is possibly my favorite technique. There is something soothing and meditative about the act of choosing beads and stringing them in an abstract pattern.

*A few of the pieces shown are available in the Etsy and 1000 Markets shoppes, and all will later be up at Daphne.


syl said...

ooh, i love love love the nautical rope necklace! it is perfection with any summer ensemble :)

sylvie of silver lining

Mireio said...

Awesome concept! And the pieces you're featuring are amazing. Love that butterfly!

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