Love List Friday: 07.02.10

1. 34/365, 2. Don't Hold Back, 3. Untitled, 4. Tutti Frutti

Happy July everyone! Big changes are in the stars this month -- let's hope they're good ones.
Starting off on a positive note, here are some things I am brimming over with L-O-V-E for this week:
  • colored pencils
  • drawing swirly mind maps and finding clarity
  • making a summer music mix to send a faraway friend (I will totally make *you* one too if you want)
  • Mike Doughty's Golden Delicious -- the whole album just sends me into dreamy, sunlit, honey-dripping raptures
  • plain yogurt with kiwis and watermelon
  • f*ckyeahkissing's tumblr stream
  • cute new floral knickers
  • really good book recommendations via my reading guru
  • persistent dreams that won't let you give up on them
  • friendships, especially the hard ones -- because where would I be without them?


Stephanie Perkins said...

Ohmyword. How much do I LOVE that Tumblr stream? Thank you!

And I'm so happy you enjoyed/are enjoying those books! Few things give me greater pleasure in life than sharing the love of a good book.

Steffi said...

Oh, I'd love to get a summer music mix from you!

Hope your July changes are going on smoothly and beautifully!

Lots of love! ♥

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