Love List Friday: Summer in Japan

Summer in Japan is brutal. Which is probably why there are so many delightful distractions to trick you into thinking it's a season worth celebrating. The Japanese spring is famously associated with cherry blossoms, but summer has its own time-honored symbols as well -- many, in fact. A lot of them are things that make you feel physically cooler, or somehow trigger the illusion of coolness.

My particularly favorite symbols of summer are:

  • kingyo = goldfish
1. fūrin, 2. FURIN
  • fuurin = windchime
  • kakigori = shaved ice

  • hanabi  = fireworks 

  • yukata = summer kimono

We may look like we're enjoying our yukatas, but really we are on the verge of keeling over with heatstroke. Not really the most appropriate attire for 100-degree weather. Cute though.


Steffi said...

Aw, love the pic of you in your kimonos!

The Beachbaby said...

this brought me back to japan. how i long to go back! :)

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