Nov. 1

The start of November usually sees me firing up Scrivener as I attempt to conquer NaNoWriMo, but this year I've issued myself a different 30-day challenge. As I stated back in January, my key word for 2010 has been FOCUS, and rather than flirt with my old love, creative writing, I want to keep my focus on photography. Since I already did the one-photo-a-day thing in August, I am going for the harder, more time-consuming, and frankly scarier One Self-Portrait Every Day of the Month thing.
I won't lie -- I find this terrifying. But I am going to heed Eleanor Roosevelt's advice, and do the thing that scares me. Every day.


Stephanie said...

ohh good challenge! are you going to post them on your blog or are you joining the flickr groups that do the one-portrait-a-day?

Lilie said...

Thanks! I'll be putting the photos up here on the blog mainly, but I might join one of those flickr groups too!

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