Nov. 27

There was much hemming and hawing before deciding to post today's photos. These are from the second shoot I did this afternoon; in the first I was experimenting with Yulia Gorodinski-esque outfits (or rather, lack thereof) and I ended up freaking myself out.
I am ashamed to say that I can't look at my body without thinking: OMG, SO FAT. And I do realize how dumb that is. But it did make me see that I'm not living in my ideal self.
So I put on my favorite dress for decency and confidence's sake, and tried again. Even these have a part of me biting my nails and thinking: OMG, TOO MUCH SKIN YOU ARE ONE STRAP AWAY FROM POLEDANCER, but the whole point of this month-long challenge was to do the thing that wasn't easy.
There is merit in pushing one's boundaries, even (especially) if you end up making mistakes and risking ridicule.


Steffi said...

You. Are. Beautiful.

You are shining. You are radiant. You are brave for pushing your boundaries and telling your truth. And I love the soft light in these pictures.

I think you are amazing.

Lilie said...

Steffi, you rock :)
Danke sehr, du bist ein gute freund.

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