A week into the self-portrait month and I'm already breaking my own rules, but trust me, after an afternoon of peeling what was left of that wallpaper (featured in yesterday's post), it is better all round if we just look at these pretty roses today.
It's been a million years since I last bought myself flowers -- these were a justified expense because they were used for a photoshoot (which I will share in due time) -- but now I remember why I used to set aside a portion of my weekly budget for a little bouquet.
There is an expression in Japanese, "rice cakes over flowers," which means basically that man cannot live on prettiness, and if you have to make a choice, be sensible and pick the sustaining, starchy food source. But flowers do feed a different sort of hunger; you can deprive yourself of natural beauty living in a city, and grow so numb to the pangs that you don't even realize you're starving.


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