Santa Baby...

My materialistic list of goodies I'd like to find under the tree this year:
  1. white resin Ram Head from Z Gallerie
  2. Paris in Black photo collection from little brown pen
  3. selenite on quartz cluster
  4. Great Catch dress from ModCloth
  5. Canon 24-70mm lens
  6. grey suede booties from Cole Haan
  7. Olivia Harris black leather satchel
  8. Moroccan wedding blanket from Maryam of My Marrakesh
  9. a silver Prius
Any of these would be delightful Santa, but in lieu of them all, what I really want is:

a kiss under a Parisian night sky full of snow...

love & milk & cookies,


ClaireLA said...

Nice list! We like a lot of the same sites/stores.

Stephanie said...

I'd love a car under my tree too!!!

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