Two Thousand and Zen

A look back at the year that was...
In the first half of the year I:
  • flew to New England and tried raw oysters for the first time
  • cavorted around NYC for a day, and met up with friends I hadn't seen in 10 years
  • got stuck in an airport for 11 hours
  • attended my college reunion and discovered all bitterness had faded, leaving only nostalgia and laughter and deep affection

In the second half of the year I:
  • packed up my things and moved to California
  • re-learned how to drive
  • spent a heavenly week in the woods of Paradise
  • was presented with my first DSLR camera and lenses
  • went to my college roommate's wedding in Connecticut
  • saw my friend's band play at a dive near my house, a week before they suddenly became famous
  • played dress-up and took photos with my high school best friend
  • walked the beach for days, getting tan and collecting seashells
  • had a few dozen amazing meals with my family
  • received more generosity than I could possibly ever try to deserve
Thanks, 2010. In the end, you were rather wonderful.


    Stephanie said...

    mmm raw oysters are my favorite

    Looks like you had a great year! Happy blogging in 2011

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