Love List Friday: 01.07.11

At the end of this first week of the new year, I've been loving:
  • insomnia + 8tracks leading to new musical discoveries
  • dancing in the kitchen singing my new favorite song
  • freshly baked raspberry lemon muffins (am eating one right now)
  • smelling exotically delicious with sandalwood & vanilla
  • getting back into my morning smoothie routine -- current mix is almond milk, banana, kale, frozen blueberries, and a sprinkle of brewer's yeast (has a peanut-buttery flavor)
  • collecting gorgeous driftwood at the beach and watching the (also gorgeous) surfers ride the waves
  • drinking coffee black -- thanks for all the good times, cream, but I think our time together is through
  • watching a ton of amazing not-so-mainstream and foreign movies (in depth post to come) -- last night's was Cairo Time, which is still tugging at my heartstrings
  • long chats about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness with a friend on the other side of the world
Hope your new year is off to a beautiful start!


    Stephanie said...

    I've never thought of adding yeast to a smoothie!

    RC Reese said...

    I LOVE your love lists! Beautiful and creative. Happy Weekend!

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