Love List Friday: 2.19.11

Taking a brief hiatus from the Paris posts to celebrate Love List Friday, because this week has been nothing if not utterly L-O-V-E-ly.
Some of the many awesome things I enjoyed this week:

  • apple beignets and fried green tomatos (with goat cheese!) at Ramos House
  • EPIC kisses at the LAX airport international arrivals gate
  • adding more pretty blue old Mason jars to my collection
  • receiving not chocolate, but a camera lens for Valentine's Day
  • finally finding a non-wool (I'm allergic) cozy cardigan I want to wear 24/7
  • a fancy-pants catered dinner, where I sat across from the founder of a certain famous on-line gaming company (an experience no doubt wasted on me, a complete non-gamer... though I do love The Guild)
  • and most of all, having French Boyfriend in town for the week and sharing all my favorite bits of California with him


vmichelle said...

Gorgeous photos! I'm sure that camera lens will go to good use.

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