Paris: Day 3 (actually 4)

Day 3 was actually spent recuperating at home, with small trip to nearby grocery store in afternoon. Came away with bag full of cheese, salami, butter, yogurt in glass jars, chocolate, and clementines. Did not know that said clementines had to be weighed and priced before coming to register, and was saved from confusion by kind pregnant woman behind me in line, who picked up my fruit and went to weigh it for me. Alas, no photos were taken to document the great grocery store excursion, so we proceed on to Day 4.

Gray skies and drizzle await as step out from cozy apartment foyer. Tempted to turn right back around, but have been firmly instructed by host to GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING while he is at work, so pull hood tighter around face and head to metro.

Emerge on to Rue de Rivoli with vague intention of heading into Marais. Am stopped in tracks by unusual sight of giant pants and undergarments hanging in front of elegant building. Intrigued, decide to cross over. Reach doorway same time as group of curious students are hesitantly shuffling in. Tag along.

Climb up winding stairwell painted with golden dragon scales...

find a doorway at each landing that leads into...

art studio / galleries; young artists at work while visitors peek into their rainbow-splattered space.

Congratulate self for following whim and leave with freshly-imbued desire to paint. Re-orient self and head once again towards Marais.

Stumble upon a familiar landmark and discover have inadvertently made way back to Cafe Etoile, of Day 1's first cafe crème.

Opt for the chocolat chaud this time. Cup coated in deep, rich, melted chocolate, steamed milk in a separate jug -- combine for elixir of gods. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, tastes as good as this chocolat chaud after hours of trekking in chill January air.

Gloomy dusk fast approaching, boots turn of their own accord towards ultimate sanctuary: Notre Dame.

Feel both overwhelmed and completely at peace. Is the kind of beautiful that aches in your chest. Sit in pew, Gregorian chanting echoing all around, and have good cry. Feel tremendous relief, as though have come to end of long, difficult road.

Realize the late hour and race back to metro and home in time to be taken for heavenly dinner at... 

Pain, Vin, Fromage (bread, wine, cheese -- because really, what more do you need in life?)

Revel in sublime deliciousness that is raclette (divinely smelly cheese melted over perfectly petite potatoes), plate of mixed meats, cornichons, glasses of wine, and truly good company.
End Day 4 feeling well fed in every sense of the word.


Stephanie Perkins said...

EEP! Pain, Vin, Fromage!!

That's my favorite restaurant in the ENTIRE WORLD. (Not hyperbole!)

Anonymous said...

Stumbled over here from a link on Stephanie Perkins' blog.

Your pictures are astonishing. They sparkle and made the subject sparkle, too. I was in Paris years ago and I do not remember it being as bright and beautiful as your pictures of it, but your pictures made me want to go back and compare!

You have an amazing eye. Thanks for sharing.

Katie Anderson said...

I'm spending a long weekend in Paris at the end of the month, and your photos and stories are getting me right in the mood!

Thanks for sharing :)

Stephanie said...

Amazing!! I want to go back to paris this second!

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