Paris: Day 2

Day two begins with fresh-from-bakery baguettes and organic plum and raspberry jams (as all days should, really).

Brilliant blue sky greets us as we hop in car and head to elegant town of Versailles (apparently there is palace here or something? )

Is very gold. And shiny.
For self-professed magpie such as myself, Versailles is veritable mecca of sparkle.

Is just like bed at home. Except, you know, not at all

(Typical shot of narrator, who at any given moment is fiddling with ISO settings on camera.)

After opulence-overload of palace, leisurely amble of surrounding grounds in golden afternoon air is welcome and bracing.

After entire day spent walking, have more than earned decadent meal at most excellent local restaurant L'Aparthé. Chevre on toast salad, duck confit, and my new favorite...

apple crumble!


Anabel Fournier said...

Enjoying your photos so much!!!

Jolie Goodnight Musick said...

I would like that to be the gate to my home when I have one. <3

elissa, ebb & flow said...

i don't think it's humanly possible for me to be more jealous than i am right now.

Jenny said...

Love, Love, Love!!!

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