Life in Paris: la premiere semaine

flowers lining the entryway to my apt.

I've been away from the ol' blog for over a month, and to the (small but lovely) group of regular readers I apologize for the unintentional hiatus. The thing is... I moved. To Paris.
Believe me, it took me by surprise too. It hadn't even been a year since I picked up and headed cross-country to California, but... l'amour called (in the form of an awfully cute Franco-Japanese boy) and I followed.
So here I am; ensconced in a cozy sixth floor apartment overlooking a semi-residential neighborhood on the western edge of the city, eating way too much yogurt and trying to dredge up my memory of French verb conjugations learned in high school.

my corner bakery, a.k.a baguette dealer

Just over a week has passed since I landed at Charles de Gaulle. Here are a couple of the highlights I've experienced so far:

my welcome-to-France-dinner, a six-course meal at Youlin

A tiny French-Japanese fusion restaurant where the menu is decided by the chef; sit back as artful plates of delicate, delicious morsels are served to you one by one. Easily my new favorite dining spot in Paris.

a housewarming/costume party

Meeting new people, especially when you don't speak their language, can be a wee bit intimidating. But. Parisians dressed as Darth Vadar, the Pope, Super Mario, and a (male) belly dancer with massive fake cleavage? Not so intimidating. Also, there was a crepe buffet. Which was pretty much made of WIN.

behold the tower of crepes!

and did I mention the Nutella!

The rest of my first week consisted of more brunches and lunches and afternoon teas with new friends, a lot of walking around and exploring, breathing in all the blossoms on the spring-green trees, and experimental cooking with French ingredients (basil leaves are tiny! romaine lettuce is half the size it is in the US, and also much softer. and let's just say I won't be making any baked potatoes, unless I'm cooking for a dolls' tea party.)
All in all, (to borrow a line from Annie) I think I'm gonna like it here...


Katie Anderson said...

Hello! I'm a new recruit to your small but lovely group of readers. And now you've moved to Paris? I'll be reading with renewed interest! Hope you're living the dream :)

anonymeet said...

Moving to a new (foreign) place is exciting and daunting and exhilirating and overwhelming and amazing - all at the same time. I did it once, myself. It was a fabulous experience. I wish you bon voyage and bon chance in your adventures in France!

And - I love, love, love your photography. Expecially your food series. Love it. I think about the shot of the chocolat chaud often. Do you ever sell prints?

Jenny said...

I love your blog and now it will contain more of Paris?! Happiness! Best wishes and keep posting!!! :)

Lilie said...

@Katie -- Welcome! Am always glad to have a new recruit!

@anonymeet -- Thank you so much! I am actually planning to sell prints in the (nearish) future in my either my current Etsy shop or a new one. Will keep you posted!

@Jenny -- Merci beaucoup! Will def. try to post more often now.

Stephanie said...

oh wow! I love Paris! Good luck learning french :D

That crepe buffet looks like a lot of fun. My boyfriend and I want to plan a month in Paris next summer

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