Travels in Thailand: Koh Samui

After the lush, earthy green of Chiang Rai, the island of Koh Samui was a pastel palette with vivid splashes of bright white, turquoise, and dragon fruit fuchsia. 

We spent five days at the Elements Boutique Resort and Spa, and apart from two day-trips to nearby Chaweng and Bo Phut, our time was spent indulging in blissful, utterly hedonistic lounging. 

In the mornings we'd roll out of our rose-petal-strewn bed, open the glass bathroom door and plunge straight into the private pool, dry off, and then amble over to the outdoor hotel restaurant for THE best breakfast EVER (cappuccino, freshly-squeezed juices, mango salad with yogurt, two perfectly done eggs sunny-side-up, and toast). 

We'd set up camp poolside with a towels, sunscreen and books, and when we got hungry we'd order club sandwiches and smoothie concoctions (my favorite was the mango, mint & coconut) which were then delivered right to our deck chairs. Every now and then I'd head off to the spa and come back with feet pedicured, skin salt-scrubbed raw, and muscles deeply massaged. (I understand if this makes you want to throw moldy cabbage at me -- believe me, I couldn't begin to grasp how I'd managed to end up in such luxury either.)

Our last night we dined at a beachside restaurant in Bo Phut, the sun obligingly setting in purple splendor just as we sat down at our table. And then the next morning, one last perfect breakfast, one last coconut-scented massage, one last splash in the pool and then goodbye to Thailand. 

Next up on the blog: time for something completely different, with a hop over the pond to Ireland!


Jenny said...

Sigh. So beautiful. You are so blessed! I love your photos and can't wait to see what you post of Ireland! :)

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