Travels in Ireland: Cork and Cobh

One week last May, I tagged along with Benjamin on a work trip to Ireland. While he was at the office doing office-y things, I wandered the narrow, grey streets of Cork, taking in the sights and popping into the shops for warmth and the occasional nibble and beverage. For a relatively small city, it does have a pretty great choice of restaurants -- absolutely everything I ate was delicious. My favorite dish was a bowl of simple tomato-basil soup at the historic English Market (where apparently HM The Queen had just visited, only days earlier than I).
It was my first time in Ireland, and I have to say I did notice the high concentration of redheads (of every shade and hue) -- more than I've ever encountered before -- all completely gorgeous. And the accents... I do love a good accent, and the ones I heard here were a delight for my ears.

Banoffee Pie (Banana + Toffee = Yummmmm)

On the weekend we hopped the train over to the tiny seaside town of Cobh (pronounced "cove") to spend a night at a B&B. You'd think this is where all rainbow ends are found, what with the abundance of Skittles-esque color schemes painted everywhere.
If you ever find your way here, please reserve yourself a table at Gilbert's -- our B&B hostess recommended it to us, and she did not lead us astray.

Next time: our twelve-day trip to the green and gorgeous slopes of Switzerland!


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Wow that candy shop looks amazing!!!!

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Oh, these make me miss Ireland!

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